Wednesday, 30 December 2015

16 GOALS FOR 2016

Happy (Almost) New Year! What a great year it has been spent with some amazing people, filled with some awesome adventures and a chance for me to grow so much as my own person. What are you all doing to spend your last day of 2015? I've decided to do some pre-ish new years resolutions, so heres my 16 goals for 2016...

1. Eat healthier- I have learnt so much this year about diet and nutrition and have come alone way with improving my diet. I've now cut out all animal products and been vegan for 8 months! Yay! But I have been getting lazy with my diet and I know i can do a lot more to improve, this year I'm hoping to follow a high carb low fat diet (HCLF), eating more fresh organic whole fruits and veggies, and most of all sticking to my vegan diet.

2. Get my license- I finally have the chance to get my license! I am almost half way with my hours and I plan to get it before going to Canada in July. I'm so excited, more adventures and road trips to come!

3. Meditation- I find it is a great tool for for keeping my life in balance and helping me to stay in the present. Its something that is important to me so so this year I have a goal to make a little time for it everyday.

4. Nature- I want to spend more time in nature this year either doing nature walks, swimming in waterholes or even simply taking my yoga outside. Just taking the time to stop and appreciate the nature around me always makes me feel more connected and alive.

5. Exercise- I'm not looking to lose weight I simply want to feel better, improve my mood, energy and get fit.

6. Yoga- As well as taking more time for yoga I want to complete the 30 day challenge from Yoga with Adriene (My favourite Yoga Channel)

7. Drink more water- I need to get onto drinking more water I know I don't drink enough, I'm starting with 1L in the morning and making sure I fill my 1L bottle 2 or 3 times per day.

8. Travel around New Zealand- Ok this one is not so much a goal but more somehting thats going to happen this year but oh my gosh I'm soo excited for it!!!

9. Film 1 Second Everyday- I did do this for 2015 but missed a lot and I wished I stuck to it, this year i want to capture everyday (or close to it) The 1se app is really great for making these videos.

10. Blog more- More blog posts yay! I also want to give my blog a fresh design.

11. Positive outlook- As always I'm constantly trying to improve who I am, shift my outlook on from negative to positive and work on my confidence.

12. Less time on phone/social media- I am planning on spending my year actually living which means not getting sucked into the social media vortex and spending hours scrolling on my phone.

13. Design- I want to spend more time on my design/art, and really putting in my all into my projects. I also want to start improving my skills; learning web design, learning calligraphy/practising hand lettering, learn photography and videography.

14. Gratitude- Writing 3 things that I'm grateful for each morning, and then 3 amazing things that happen that day each night.

15. Learn aromatherapy- I recently purchased an aromatherapy vapourizer and got some more essential oils for christmas. I'm planning on collecting a bunch of essential oils and learning the benefits of different blends (Relax, Energise, Immune boost, focus, uplift etc)

16. Be Happy

Hope everyone has an amazing year! x
Izzy x

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